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Vision Statement: Our succsess is tied with the success of our clients!

Working directly with suppliers, Often at a great distance can be quite time consuming, Expensive and often highly frustrating. A sourcing agency becomes your local office in the country of manufacturing and fights for your interest to obtain the best Prices, Negotiate the shortest lead time, Get the correct samples, Oversee production, Ensure quality and monitors your shipment till the end.

A sourcing agent is the eyes and ears of its customer, Representing them and assisting them in their sourcing and buying activities. Texty Sourcing Pakistan fights to safeguard its buyer interests above all and before all.

Apart having sharp management skills, Excellent sourcing means, Identifying the most promising providers of quality and service at the local level. This is one of our company strengths. Our long term relationship with local suppliers motivates them to do a superior job for us and for our customers.

Our supplier base includes a wide variety of design driven manufacturers. This allows us to provide you with cutting edge fashion trends and quality materials at competitive prices. Our customized approach and geographical presence also helps you to rapidly resolve any design, quality and lead time concerns. The TSP service also includes all stages in supply chain management.

Bringing the newness from all of our markets to your doorstep.

Compliance : We follow all guidelines so that manufacturing is done with a social conscience and according to local & International laws

Sourcing : We find you the right vendors and assist you in getting the Best prices, Samples, Production follow up, Quality as per international standard and timely deliveries.

R&D : We work closely with you on all technical aspects to ensure that together we can build the best value of consignment...

Production and Follow-up : You stay fully updated at all steps and have time & actions for your each shipment to make your comfort and on time execution of orders.

Quality Assurance : We assure to deliver the quality as per customer satisfaction and implement quality processes on all stages ( Lab testing, Fabric Quality, In line, Offline, Pre final and Final inspections) that strive to deliver first rate products every time as per International standards.

Logistic : The factory even loads the container in front of our representative to avoid any discrepancy and make our satisfaction and co-ordinate with forwarder for vassal ETD/ETA, Bill of lading, etc.. To dispatch shipping document on time to our customers.



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